Saturday, September 24, 2005


Storms just seem inevitable. Some close to home, like this week's high winds and two tornados ... which felled some trees, including one down the road that split a house (left). And the snow and cold are coming, soon. Meanwhile, the Gulf Coast lives in the wake of hurricanes, year after year, and California's existence is threatened by earthquakes, even volcanoes. Nature is awesome.

How we deal with such crisis, not to mention the day to day disasters of wrecks and illness, seems to be a question we and our children must meet head-on, from a very young age. I've seen the range of emotions involved and realize each of us has a unique composure and threshold for pain, stress and aggravation. But I've also seen where two purpose-driven, intentional approaches helps: 1) advance preparations, both physical and mental, and 2) faith in God. How miuch simpler and clear can it be?

You'll notice I did't say self-confidence, which seems like a worthy candidate for coping with crisis. But in my experience, confidence just seems to be a by-product when people exercise the other two steps, and it grows on us without any extra effort. Prepared and spiritual believers tend to spew forth allot of confidence.

I was impressed with what I heard of the pilot's reaction to his faulty front wheel on the JetBlue plane that landed safely at LAX. It was said that he calmly executed the procedures amidst the storm of havoc and mechanical failure surrounding him. It was said that this crew had been well trained for such a crisis, and rehearsed every response again and again in the plane before the final approach. It was also reported that many people on the plane helped that pilot with prayer. What a powerful combination. And ultimately, it was God's will that saved them. And that is my point ...

I heard a jockular monolgue on TV addressed to GOD, following years of natural disasters: "What is it about 'God Bless America" that you don't understand? From sea to shining sea!" Well, it appears this commedian missed the fundamental concept of "...thy will be done." It is a mystery, but it is apparently not God's will to make earth predictable or perfect or even palatable for some. That is a heaven thing, we can look forward to, with faith and preparation.