Thursday, February 08, 2007


Here's a great product. It locates your lost gizmos -- in my case, a cellphone! I'm amazed. Only a month ago I bought a subscription from STUFFBAK -- which claimed a high rate of returns, but never did I think I'd really need it. (Finders call an 800# with id on the lost item.) I don't lose much stuff ... OK, I lose it in my own house! So, we went to Maui ... and I promptly lost my cellphone on the beach -- actually thinking it may have been in my swimming trunks, and ruined / lost forever in the depths of the sea. WRONG! I got a call today from STUFFBAK that my very cool RAZR Motorola phone had been found on the beach by a hotel employee and was being returned FedEx tonight, FREE, thanks to my subscription to STUFFBAK. Is that a good investment of $20 or what? Forget phone insurance ... get your STUFFBAK! I am a believer.