Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

A greeting from Donna and Jim who wish you joy, health and happiness. After years of writing and reading these archival notes ... we still enjoy exchanging holiday messages with our friends and family, BUT now we're using email, and we try to keep it brief ... and still heart-felt. A few efficiencies to start the new year.

Our family has been blessed with seven beautiful grandchildren who are the focus of our attention, with hockey games, birthdays, grandpa's game room, sleepovers and trips. It seems that grandparents acquire a different perspective as we age ... we live in awe of the kids energy, their learning capacity and their many interests. Looking back as parents, maybe we took a lot for granted, and hoped our kids would turn out okay. Well, they sure did! We are proud of what our daughters have done with their lives, and their own families. It's one more gift to consider this Christmas from Aimee, Heather and Megan, Craig, Jeff and Tom. (See the holiday photo below).

We also travel (some might say "too much"). It's been our keen interest to see new places, meet people and experience life in places far from home. In a few weeks we'll head south, to Australia and New Zealand to see great mountains and fjords, the world famous Opera House, and go kayaking, river rafting, and to the bush. In the past year we visited Hawaii, Europe, and the Caribbean -- and our own North Shore, Arizona & Texas. But, it's always good to be home, and to enjoy the seasons here in Minnesota. It's really our favorite place.

Our business ventures continue to grow -- Donna is a consultant for Carrousel Travel/American Express, and Jim is producing video for corporate clients. He also finished a documentary for cable TV about Shoreview's history and won a national cable TV award for a screen play. (See them on the website below.) We wish you all the best .... Good health. Enjoy the moment. Pray for peace. Stay in touch.