Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"The Brain" is for thinking

animation2 I have been looking at mind-management software for years. I used the Mind-Jet "Mind Manager" mapping tool in my former corporate job, organizing ideas and project details in free-form -- by myself and with teams. It was perfect for think-tanks, but not animated. I was aware of 'The Brain' but it somehow seemed too simplified, basic and rigid in it's early versions. But who would not like animated thought boxes and expandable tags, search, calendaring and HTML export? Now, a decade or so later, The Brain Technologies, has come out with a more robust version that appears to be a good reason to drop $100+ on cool software. And of course they have a free version for testing. This product is classic "dynamic mind-mapping" software that lets you link your ideas, files and web pages "the way you think." (I'm not sure what that means ... it's their term.) Better that you visit their website at -- in fact, take 'The Tour' movie while you're there to see and hear it in motion ... and attend any of their online seminars. Yes, this has more than text and images, it has motion and interaction ... which makes it cool and useful for my purposes of scripting, video planning, project management -- even travel journalism.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aiptek Camera Sound Test

The attached link is a simple sound test of the Aiptek video / still camera ... comparing a few seconds of the on-camera mic, to a professional mic cabled to a separate digital recorder, and synch'd to the image in post production. Also see the clip below. Both clips were made with this pocket camera. Amazing technology. Go to:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Aiptek Pocket Camera Review

Here's a review of a nifty pocket camera, with decent consumer quality, and incredible price... two key benefits. The review is about 3 minutes, and worth your time to watch. Click start TWICE below. View the 26-page manual by clicking here.