Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review JVC GZ-HD30 camcorder

Jim narrates a review of this small, higher quality JVC camcorder, with recorded examples, and accessory options.


In Print News said...

thanks for the review. i am looking to purchase this camera for multimedia use for my news website. what are you experiences with the audio on this camera using external mics like the one you show here? what about audio editing? does the camera have an audio level mixing or adjustment feature?

Jim said...

The audio with external mic
works fine ... Always better
than the internal mic, and the
shoe on top helps to clip on
a mic receiver. However the
internal mic is adequate for
ambient sound and very
acceptable for close up voice
(1-2 feet) from in front or
behind. (I covered it with
thin felt membrane to reduce
wind noise.) Yes, there is a
crude on-screen volume meter
and gain controls of +/- 1,2,3
as well as earphone volume control.
I wouldn't travel without this camera.